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Trails in the Agua García Forest - Tacoronte

The Agua García Forest is located in the municipality of Tacoronte, and is part of the Las Lagunetas Nature Reserve, one of the last laurel or monteverde reserves in the Canary Islands.
The laurel forest, a wooded area which spread across South Europe and North Africa millions of years ago, is today only present in the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands. Furthermore, it is considered as the ecosystem with the greatest endemic biodiversity due to the wide variety of habitats and ecological niches.
Here we can find the Agua García Patrimonial Information Centre (CIPAS), created with the collaboration of the Independent Board of Museums and Centres of the Island Council of Tenerife and the city councils responsible for its management. Its purpose is to disseminate the most important aspects of the cultural and natural heritage, from a local perspective, thereby complementing the museum offer on the Islands.
Accessible Trail
It is not difficult and it is adapted for access by people with reduced mobility. A return trail, with a total length of 860 m. The starting point is the Agua García Patrimonial Information Centre.  Especially worth noting on the trail are the impressive century-old Persea indica trees, as well as the variety known as "La Cuna" and the Madre del Agua gallery, from which water can still be extracted. The trail ends at a rest area, returning on the same trail to the start point.
Trail of the Centennial Guardians
With a length of approximately 1.5 km, it is not difficult. This trail starts a few metres away from the Heritage Information Centre (photograph 1).  Especially noteworthy on the trail are the "Toledo Caves" or "Glass Caves", a reminder of the important material extraction work that was carried out in the area, for glass manufacture. Next to the caves is the oldest Persea indica tree found in this unique Laurel forest.  The trail ends in the Lomo La Jara Recreational Park.
Cruz de Fune
If desired, the Centennial Guardians trail can be extended form the Recreational Park, following the forest path until reaching Cruz de Fune.

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Agua García, Tacoronte
Viñátigo de la Cuna y Galería Madre del Agua