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Camino Real de Fasnia

1 The track starts in the centre of Fasnia, by the cemetery area, just at Carretera Los Roques Nº 1. You can do the route in two different ways, south or northbound, along the old Royal road. The north track follows an unpaved road among some old houses, of great interest (traditional architecture), until it meets another unpaved road. You go on along this road amid tufa terraced fields, some of which are abandoned; others have potatoes growing in them. You get to a crossing with a paved road. Here it is remarkable the presence of the hamlet Camino Real, on the right of the track. Once on the paved road, you go on for some 150 m. at which point you turn left into a path leading us to the bed of the Herques ravine, where you see the original cobblestones. The ravine is an area of a great interest as regarding the flora. We find all sort of local species, such as spurges, and Peripocla Alcurnico etc. The presence of the Caves of Herques add an archaeological interest; they used to be one of the dwellings of the Guanches, the ancient indigenous people of the island. The south track takes a diversion, on the left, towards Fasnia Mountain (Montaña de Fasnia). This volcanic cone is 403 m. high and the flora you can find there is mainly cactus spurges and spurges. The summit of this volcanic mount is a natural view-point where you can enjoy very interesting views of the whole town of Fasnia. At this point, the old and the new chapel of La Virgen de los Dolores is to be found. Once at the base of Fasnia Mountain, the track follows along the Royal Road again until it meets San Joaquín ravine, where the ruins of the ancient San Joaquín´s Hermitage can be appreciated. This hermitage was built in the XVII Century. The track follows along the bed of the ravine where caves of a great archaeological interest can be found, then, it crosses the Bridge of The Three Eyes (Los Tres Ojos). The TF-28 road goes over the bridge and follows until a water gallery, which is the end of the track 2.

Interesting details
For centuries, Royal Roads (Camino Real) have been the main way of access and communication for all the towns and villages of the kingdom. The property and jurisdiction of the road was held by the Crown, so that the circulation of people and goods was guaranteed. This sort of roads was relatively wide and easy to walk along; most of them were cobble-stoned and very often walled.

"Tabaibas", "cornicales", "cardones"...


Herques Ravine. Fasnia Mountain. Caves of great archaeological interest.


The hamlet (Camino Real). Ruins of San Joaquín´s hermitage (l7th c.).


Natural Monument of Barranco de Fasnia and Güímar. Useful telephone numbers Town Tourist Information Centre 922 161 133 Fasnia Local Police 922 530 028 Red Cross 922 530 055 - 922 281 800 City/Highway Police 922 530 002 TITSA (Bus company) 922 531 300

Route details
Position Borough of Fasnia
Start point Fasnia (Ctra. Los Roques nº 1)
End point Fasnia (Ctra. Los Roques nº 1)
Distance 5,5 Km. approx.
Duration 2 h. 15 min. approx.
Difficulty Low
Accessibility TITSA bus routes
Grade 5% approx.
Slope 100 mts. approx
Votos(s): 5. Resultado: 4.8