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PR - TF 54 Los Silos - Las Moradas - Monte del Agua

Description of the trail (See PDF in downloads)
Length: 11.7 km
Estimated time: 4 hours
This is a medium-difficulty trail but due to its length and considerable unevenness you need to be in good physical shape to take the trial.
It starts at the Plaza de Erjos (municipality of Los Silos). This starting point is shared by PR-TF 53 (Los Silos – Cuevas Negras – Erjos) and PR TF 52 (Erjos – Las Portelas, Monte del Agua) and connects with PR-TF 51 (San José de Los Llanos – Punta de Teno). The first 4 kilometre stretch is shared with the Monte del Agua trail. After leaving the Monte del Agua trail we will go down the hillside and will reach Las Moradas de Arriba after 3 km. We will then follow the hillside until reaching Las Moradas Bajas. At this point, the gradient changes and we will travel along the eastern slope of the Las Moradas Ravine, until reaching Isla Baja. We will then continue on a trail which runs along the riverbed amongst farms until reaching Los Silos, coinciding with the end of the PR-TF 53 trail (Los Silos – Cuevas Negras – Erjos).
Connection with other trails PR-TF 53; PR-TF 52; PR-TF 51.

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