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Montaña Roja - Montaña Pelada

1 The track starts at El Cabezo and you may take two different directions: towards Montaña Roja or towards Montaña Pelada. If you choose the Montaña Roja one, the track borders the Cabezo until it meets the pedestrian way El Muelle. You get to Playa Chica and you head to El Picacho following the Paseo de Marcial García. From El Picacho you get to Playa Grande. All this stretch goes through the urban centre of El Médano. The track keeps bordering Playa Grande along The Paseo de Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes de Roja until the very end, and here you keep going along Playa Leocadio Machado where you have the best sandbanks of the island. The track keeps bordering the beach until the end. Then the track widens into a broader path that takes you to the foot of Montaña Roja. The track goes up the mountain through all sorts of sweet spurges; these become more and more rare the higher you get. Cactus spurges and balos (Plocama Pendula) are now the most important species, forming small, thick bushes. From the top of Montaña Roja 2, you may admire a dramatic view of the coastline of San Miguel, Arico and Granadilla. Heading towards Montaña Pelada,the track borders a part of the Cabezo until the Casa de la Inglesa (The English lady’s house). At this point you go to the right on a wide unpaved path along Playa La Jaquita. At the end of this beach you take Juan Carlos I Avenue for about 200 m., then go down a paved street on the right that ends in Europa Avenue. You go to the end of this avenue, where you turn into an old track on the right leading right to Montaña Pelada, following the shore, amid indigenous species. Once in Montaña Pelada 3, you have the chance of going down to the beach of Pelada following a path on the right of the track or keep going to the top where you will enjoy a wonderful view of the South coast.

Interesting details
Montaña Roja - Montaña Pelada
Montaña Roja -  Montaña Pelada

Special Natural Reserve of Montaña Roja. Natural Monument of Montaña Pelada. Remember, you walk under your own responsibility. Useful telephone numbers Town Tourist Information Centre 922 176 002 Granadilla de Abona Local Police 922 772 917 Red Cross 922 176 666 922 281 800 City/Highway Police 922 771 011 TITSA (Bus company) 922 531 300

Route details
Position Borough of Granadilla de Abona
Start point Centro de la Naturaleza "El Cabezo"
End point Montaña Roja - Montaña Pelada (2-3)
Distance 9,8 Km. approx.
Duration 5 h.
Accessibility TITSA bus routes
Slope 171 mts
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