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Puerto de la Cruz


The municipal complex of Costa Martiánez, the pride of Puerto de la Cruz, is one of the most widely admired examples of coastal transformation anywhere. A prestigious team of experts, led by the famous artist from Lanzarote, Cesar Manrique, carried out this work that blends in perfectly with traditional Canary Island architecture and boasts native plants and original sculptures.

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The artificial lake, with some 27,000 cubic metres of sea water, highlights the other four adult pools and three children´s pools. All is beautifully set in an original layout. There is a wide range of bars, restaurants, stalls and a Casino giving the complex a very special vitality and making it one of the most striking attractions of the whole island.

Entrance to the pools is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bus Routes: 381 (Local Bus: Punta Brava - Avda. Generalísimo)
382 (Local Bus: San Antonio - Avda. Generalísimo)
102 and 103 (Santa Cruz - Puerto Cruz)
325 (Los Gigantes - Puerto Cruz)
343 (Playa de las Americas - Los Cristianos - Puerto Cruz)


A kilometre of the coastline of Puerto de la Cruz has been refurbished, from San Felipe Castle to the district of Punta Brava. 200,000 cubic metres of sand from the sea bed have been used for this. The beach is protected by a semi-submerged breakwater and has some 17,000 square metres of gardens.
The project was designed by Cesar Manrique.
The beach is divided into three different stretches:
Playa del Castillo: the first part.
Playa del Charcón: with natural breakwaters.
Playa de Punta Brava: the stretch of finest sand.
Facilities include: bars, a restaurant, buffet, promenade with pergolas and benches, band stand for musical events and solariums.
It is a good beach for surfing and body surfing.
Be careful when the sea is rough.

Bus Routes:
381 (Town centre bus route: Plaza Reyes Católicos - Punta Brava)
102 or 103 (Santa Cruz - Puerto de la Cruz)
325 (Los Gigantes - Puerto de la Cruz)
343 Playa de las Americas - Los Cristianos - Puerto Cruz)


This beach is between the Martiánez cliffs and the Costa Martiánez complex. Part of this small, black-sand beach is open to the sea, with excellent conditions for surfing and body surfing. Another stretch of the beach, next to Lago Martiánez, is protected by a breakwater.
Bus Routes:
381 (Local Bus: Punta Brava - Plaza Reyes Católicos)
382 (Local Bus: San Antonio - Plaza Reyes Católicos)
102 and 103 (Santa Cruz - Puerto Cruz)
325 (Los Gigantes - Puerto Cruz)
343 (Playa de las Americas - Los Cristianos - Puerto Cruz)

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