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La Orotava


You can walk to the beach or go by car, although the road does not go right down to the beach. If you go by road, you go to El Rincón, after the San Diego restaurant you take the narrower road to the Bollullo restaurant. You can leave your car in the car park if you pay the charge.

If you walk, you can set off from Cuesta de la Villa, on the Santa Ursula slopes, although people usually set off from Puerto de la Cruz, either from Costa Martiánez or from La Paz. It takes about 45 minutes.

After the Bollullo restaurant, there are steps that lead right down to the beach.

The black sand beach is a lovely setting, with a kiosk for drinks and simple meals.

Be careful, the sea is dangerous, even if it appears calm.


These beaches are beyond Bollullo, so you must follow the same directions as for Bollullo beach and restaurant.

From the restaurant, you walk, but continuing to the right, rather than descending to El Bollullo beach.

Important: Path not suitable for children.

It takes about 15 minutes to Playa del Pozo, which is sandy in summer and good for surfing.

The beach is dangerous when the sea is rough.

The next beach along, Playa de los Patos, is a few minutes walk. This is a beach for camping, surfing and nudists.

The next beach along, Playa del Ancón, is not recommended as the path is dangerous. You can get there along the Camino del Ancón, to the right of the San Diego Restaurant.

Bus Routes:
376 (San Antonio (La Orotava) - El Rincón) every 2 hours.

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Bollullo Beach
Bollullo Beach