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Arona - Our Lady of Fátima

Feast Day of Our Lady of Fátima

Valle de San Lorenzo - Arona

Pilgrimage: Sunday nearest 13 May

The Romería de Fátima or Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fátima dates from 1957 and is the oldest in the borough of Arona. The feast day marks the celebration of a pilgrim’s mass on Sunday morning in honour of the virgin.

The image of Our Lady of Fátima is then paraded around the parish on a platform and carried to the Mirador de la Centinela (vantage point) 3 km away, amid a procession of floats, festooned with palm branches and farming implements, and accompanied by numerous folk groups
whose members all sport traditional costumes and advance along the route dancing and singing popular regional songs.
Once at the Mirador, the faithful make their offerings to the virgin and the traditional feast begins.
After the feast, all the pilgrims return to the Square and the music begins.

Events Programme: Folk Music Festival, Pilgrim Queen Gala, Traditional Dance, Pilgrimage Procession, Firework Display and Open-Air Dance. 

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