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Pilgrimage and festivities of San Roque (Garachico)


This is held in August 16th and has been declared a national tourist event. Thousands of people flock to the town and port of Garachico to take part in one of the most authentic and traditional fiestas of the island.

The fiestas were first held in the 17th century. Its origins are to be found in an outbreak of the plague, which started in the port of Garachico and spread to many different boroughs of the island. When the pilgrims reach the church of San Roque, the figure of the Saint is taken from there to the church of Santa Ana, in the town centre, where a religious service is held.

Around one o'clock mid-day, the popular festivities start. The figure is taken back to its church, accompanied in procession by the municipal band, carts, flocks of goats and other festively bedecked animals, and popular carnival-type dance and music groups (rondallas and parrandas). At the same time, the fishermen of Garachico hold a sea-going procession, their boats forming part of the Saint's entourage along the coast.

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