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The Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre

2016: 100 years of atmospheric observation

The Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre IARC conducts monitoring and research activities related to atmospheric constituents that are capable of forcing change in the climate of the Earth (greenhouse gases and aerosols), that may cause depletion of the ozone layer, and that play key roles in air quality on a local to global scale.

The IARC is also involved in numerous evaluation activities of both ground based and satellite-bourne atmospheric sensors. The centre also collaborates with different institutions in the development of new systems for monitoring the atmosphere.
On 1 January 1916, the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory was inaugurated. Since that date it has carried out meteorological and atmospheric observations, providing a unique 100-year record in 2016.

Web: http://izana100.aemet.es/index_en.html

Downloads: This Spanish-English bilingual brochure has been published for the centenary of the inauguration of Izaña Atmospheric Observatory.

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