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Tourist Accesibility Guide

DE LAS PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD, or ISLAND AGENCY FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE DISABLED) welcomes you to the Tourist Accessibility Guide for people with reduced mobility. This service is sponsored by the Tenerife Island Cabildo and the Tourism and Culture for All programme of the EU funded HORIZON II project.
The need for a source of information about the state of tourist facilities on the Island of Tenerife and the importance of the tourist industry in the island economy, has led to the creation of a reliable data base that provides fast and up-to-the-minute information about accessibility on the island.
This is an accessibility guide to both public and private establishments that gives an objective and reliable rating of access conditions, circulation, stay and appropriate use of tourist and social facilities, and provides information for people who, for one reason or another, suffer from a physical or sensorial incapacity, and for anyone else requiring greater quality and comfort in the facilities they visit.
By offering a data base that covers everything from hotels to public buildings, from culture and leisure centres to sports facilities, from squares and gardens to beaches and countryside trails, the guide covers a Tourism Accessibility deficit for wich society demanded a solution.

Sociedad Insular para la Promoción de las Personas con Discapacidad
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