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T-16. Monumento Natural De Los Derriscaderos.

Name: T-16. Monumento Natural de los Derriscaderos.
Heritage:  Patrimonio Natural
Categoria: Monumentos Naturales
Address: Tel:
Chimiche , Granadilla De Abona

T-16 Los Derriscaderos Natural Monument

Los Derriscaderos Natural Monument is home to a major network of ravines that have been carved over millennia into the pumice-based materials that characterise this area. Aeolic erosion of the pumice has created fantastical landforms resembling mysterious, enchanted cities.

Getting there

Los Derriscaderos Natural Monument can be accessed from the TF-1 via the exit for the Granadilla industrial estate (Acceso A), taking the asphalted road which is marked by a sign saying "Camino agrícola". This road, which later becomes a dirt track, ascends along the eastern edge of the Natural Monument and eventually joins the TF-636, which links the centre of Granadilla with Chimiche. At kilometre 5+225 on the TF-636, travelling away from Granadilla and towards Chimiche, take the dirt track on the right and, after approximately 1.1 kilometre, you will arrive at the Natural Monument. If you continue along this track you will find yourself heading downwards along the western edge of the protected area.

Total area 268,3 ha.

Municipality: Granadilla.

Governing legislation

Los Derriscaderos was declared a Natural Monument and area of environmental sensitivity by Autonomous Region Act 12/94, which was later integrated into the Organisation of the Canary Islands Territory Act via Legislative Decree 1/2000.

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