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T - 2. Reserva Natural Integral De El Pijaral

Name: T - 2. Reserva Natural Integral de El Pijaral
Heritage:  Patrimonio Natural
Categoria: Reservas Naturales Integrales
Address: Tel:
Santa Cruz De Tenerife
Más información

El Pijaral Nature Reserve is located within the Anaga Country Park Protected Area. It is a craggy, difficult-to-reach area that boasts some of the best examples of evergreen forest in Tenerife and is home to a number of endangered and protected endemic species, such as the laurel pigeon and Bolle's pigeon.  The area also contains geomorphological structures and natural landforms that are notable for their rare or even unique qualities, such as the rocks of Anambro and Chinobre.

Getting there

As the legislation pertaining to the conservation of protected natural areas prohibits human entry to nature reserves for non-scientific purposes, information on how to access the park cannot be provided.

Total area
300.7 ha.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Governing legislation
El Pijaral was declared a Nature Reserve and area of environmental sensitivity by Autonomous Region Act 12/94, which was later integrated into the Organisation of the Canary Islands Territory Act via Legislative Decree 1/2000.

Walking permit:


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